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Based in Singapore, MiniCC specialises in customising Private Cloud Computing and IT computer services. Our forte includes design, implement, and customise cloud infrastructure and its components as well as Cloud Management Applications.

We provide professional cloud services to support growing small to medium-sized businesses through cost effectiveness and develop even better infrastructure solutions. In addition to private cloud computing services, we specialise in IT infrastructure technology refresh. In the fast pace tech world MiniCC offers Private Cloud Services / IT services that customises to each company's needs and demands. Shielded with a fully secured firewall in your system, you can monitor operations centrally and remotely access anytime anywhere.

With these services in place. This will create a fast and responsive environment for all your application needs city planning and security needs.

At MiniCC, we are all committed to deliver the right Computing Solutions with the most cost effective solution. Feel free to Contact Us for more details.

  • Take advantage of Singapore Government Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC)

    Up to $60,000 discount on $100,000 package Or Up to 60% of any amount under $100,000 (Our solution qualifies for PIC grant –
    Pre-check service will be done with IRAS to set with an ease of mind

Why Us

  • 3 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose MINICC as private cloud builder

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      Private Cloud Computing

      Access all of your applications / in-house ERP / customised / data from a secure and reliable platform within your own company servers resources and data centre.

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      IT Services

      We have the knowledge and resources to manage your entire IT network in-house, or we can work closely with your own IT department to ensure the smooth running of all your IT Services.

      With years of IT Support experience and a wealth of knowledge and resources in delivering leading IT Services, the team at Utilize is well equipped to deliver exceptional IT support to any small, medium or large enterprise

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      Specially Altered
      to SME Perfection

      We understand that Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) have access to limited resources, however it is our belief that such artistic technology is not only for big MNC – Technology should be for the masses levelling the playing field.